D610 vs. 5D Mark III

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Re: D610 vs. 5D Mark III

qianp2k wrote:

ron purdy wrote:

qianp2k, yes for a while I was not seeing the banding issue with this camera. That is because Digital Photo Pro does a better job with the noise and banding (it has always on NR) but it also removed a LOT of fine details so I use it only rarely now.

Like many who first tried cameras with Sony sensor, you seem now want to expose on highlight and then pushing up shadows many stops back on contrast scenes and truly believe this is the right way to generate photos. Wrong, most serious photographers will tell you this is not the right way. It also a beaten-to-death debate in DPR forums.

As for your samples, I do not see any 100% crops from recovered shadow areas without NR applied.

I have no problems to show some 100% cropped photos that is still sharp that I showed before. NR applied or not determine by content and light condition. I don't need apply NR or only little if under good light. If you push up shadows 4-6 stops back even without banding it will show ISO 1600 to 6400 eq noises/grains anyway. You will still need to apply NR in that scenario or noises will be very prominent especially if you view in big size.

am I missing something? (maybe I just can't tell as I am now on looking on a cell phone browser at the moment.)

Much better view on a big and high definition monitor. I'd also love to see your D610 samples on my Dell U2713H wide gamut monitor.

It's a key to expose correctly and process properly.

it is a key to expose a Canon camera and lose either high lights information or information in the lower levels

you seem to have problem with what larger or smaller DR means when you are exposing your camera and do not understand the benefits of up to 3 stops more dynamic range

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