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Thanks Matt,

Fuji's design aesthetic for the X-series seems to resonate best with former film shooters. Folks that are used to manual focusing, prime lenses, exposure compensation and film color/contrast palettes seem to bond best with the Fujis. You end up thinking through your shots more (like in the days of film) and it keeps you more on your photographic toes. The smaller form factor of the X-series is nice if equipment weight is an issue for you.

The "differently-abled" X-Trans sensor design can force you to reexamine your RAW converter choices and the Fuji-enabled Silkypix seems to me to be an odd choice for Fuji to rely on. But I like the IQ it delivers (up to ISO 2000 without drama for me). It handily beats the highlight challenged, base ISO only E-5 sensor (for me). But, I wouldn't recommend a system this quirky to the digital photographically faint-of-heart. You need to go into this system with your eyes wide-open . Therewill be a steep learning curve for folks only used to shooting with recent digital DSLRs in auto-everything mode.

The Quick menu button works well to keep you from menu diving too much. The Fujis' shutter-release buttons are too low for me so I had to add soft-shutter releases to the XPro1 and X100S to minimize camera shake when tripping the shutter with my neuropathological addled fingers. But the button is threaded for soft-shutter releases or old-school cable releases. I like these better than the over-priced Oly electronic shuitter-release version. Time-lapse shooting can be problematic using mechanical releases though.

The add-on grip helps hold the XPro1 better - especially with the bigger XF 55-200mm. The batteries are too small for heavy use and the battery power goes to dead faster than the bar graph power display would have you believe. You will need extra batteries.

The XF lenses (both zooms and primes) are pretty darn nice with the XF 18mm seemingly the weakest of the primes. Fuji seems to be sticking to their lens roadmap so there is some predictability in the system. So far, Fuji has been remarkably proactive at providing firmware updates that take user feedback into account.

The X100S is a tiny gem of a camera. The shutter is so smooth and quiet that I sometimes don't believe it's fired. It attracts attention (the good kind) from some folks in a curious, non-threatening, friendly way. I'll keep the X100S until it dies . I understand that the screw-on wide-converter lens is really nice optically but I have no personal experience with it yet.

The weak point of the Fuji system for me is the lack of weather-sealing that I came to take for granted with my Oly cams. But I have done a couple of long shoots in the rain with no problems. I had to pay careful attention to how wet the cameras were getting at all times though and use careful drying protocols during and after the shoots.

The other thing that I miss from the Oly E-5 is the big flipping LCD for live-view shooting from weird tripod angles and demonstrating photo concepts to a group of photogs in teaching situations. This is an undervalued advantage of the E-5s to my mind. I don't miss that stupid "mirror lock-up" implementation on the Olys at all though .

The E-5s and 43 lenses held their value for me at KEH. KEH is one of the few places that seems to "speak" Oly in the used equipment market. I got my use out of my Oly gear and I feel like I got a fair price for my used but well-cared for gear from KEH. The E-1s were basically giveaways. I have no idea what is happening on eBay and went with KEH to avoid all the nickel-and-dime drama you get selling things yourself.

Good luck finding photo gear that works best for you,


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