To watermark or not to watermark?

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Re: To watermark or not to watermark?

Clueless Wanderer wrote:

Man, thanks for this

You have provided a really informative opinion with clear perspective.

"If someone cannot see "past" the watermark thinking it "ruins the viewing experience" they are unlikely those that would actually purchase from you" - RedFox88 - This is the kind of thing I was looking for when I originally posted, a perspective on potential buyers attitudes. Again, thanks

BTW, I knew I would have to filter a certain amount of responses

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Just remember RedFox88's advice is just one opinion.  He might be right, but its a different view than mine.  Admittedly I have never bought a photo from a website (I have plenty of my own to hang on the walls!), but whenever I browse photo sites that are heavily watermarked I find I quickly move on. Its too hard to see past the distracting text and I get no emotional attachment to the image because my eyes are drawn to the text, not the image.  Just my 2 cents worth...

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