D610 vs. 5D Mark III

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Re: Myth, Myth and Myth

ron purdy wrote:

Mikael Risedal wrote:

It is a pity that many of you don't understand the advantage of a large DR and the exposure= intact high lights, what middle grey means and the stops from middle and grey up to clipping of high lights , stops which are the same regardless you have a Canon or Nikon.

Below middle grey is the interesting part regarding DR, it means that I can with a Nikon expose shorter/less= and reproduce in high lights more far above middle grey and later on compensate the results with lifting middle greys and shadows and also have more information from high lights down to shadow= large DR

You can scream yourself blue about exposure etc, in a comparison there are hard facts as read out noise, banding , dig down and you find it.


And I do not care that much about resolution (all of these cameras have enough rez for print), but the Nikon ends up much higher rez in the end because you do not need to apply the detail killing N.R..

my latest example are from 6D and d800 and where the banding are less visual but the noise cut details in lower levels from 6D = less DR. details high lights reproduced the same with full color resolution  out on the street and in  the  sunshine

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