D610 vs. 5D Mark III

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Re: D610 vs. 5D Mark III

qianp2k wrote:

ron purdy wrote:

Trust me Bill, I am not asking you to help me with post processing, bu thanks for the offer

I am simply acknowledging and confirming that (like everyone has said) the Nikon has the better chip and yields better files, hands down. *Especially in difficult lighting situations such as that sample I posted.*

Nobody disputes Sony sensor is much better when you need to push up a severely-underexposed photo where Nikon wins hands down over Canon.

I have now personally confirmed for myself what DxO and the rest of the testers have already documented.

Only dispute the method that you exposed on highlight that will result a severe underexposed photo, and then pushing many stops back. I am a strong believer of exposing on mid-tone (middle) or even a bit of overexposed (so-called ETTR, exposed to right). Jeff Schewe is one of strong advocators for ETTR method and he has many fantastic landscape photos if you check.

Sorry but when I saw your that poor sample, my thinking is that either you don't know how to take photos (that seem not the case when you demo those nice photos) or you don't know how to process under such contrast scenes that maybe the case.

1, expose them the same,

2.exposed so rich that no clipping occurs in high lights

3. look at the results in lower levels

4. You will find banding and noise in Canon compared to Nikon if the motive have wide dynamic range

5, questions?

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