To watermark or not to watermark?

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Re: All your image can be downloaded from here

Clueless Wanderer wrote:

rodskogj wrote:

Just google your site in google images...

HOLY SH*T ...and my day just got a lot worse :-/

Thanks for letting me know..

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Bottom line is you can't worry excessively about it.  End of the day they can get your images if they really want them.

Take reasonable precautions as you have done (i.e. prevent right click).  I would probably add a small discrete watermark in bottom corner of images, not a big one.  This way they have to make an effort to remove it, but it does not distract from the image itself.  The small watermark serve the purpose of 'embedding' copyright info (unlike EXIF which is bypassed with screenshot), and shows knowledge of copyright violation if they photoshop it out.

Much more than that is overkill in my mind, but then again, I'm not the one trying to protect my livelihood...

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