EM1 better than Sony A7(as a System)?

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Jon Ragnarsson
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I understand your dilemma...

The A7R especially is almost my dream camera. Big sensor, compact, plenty of resolution, but it is still missing a few compact lenses, and the overall cost of the system goes up fast.

Personally, I have no problem with MF on legacy lenses, and there are some decent lenses out there:


But the question is, are they good enough? Even "low resolution" FF camera like the Canon 5Diii with it's relatively low 22MP sensor needs a very sharp glass to make full use of all that pixels you need really sharp glass. I didn't believe it until I saw a side-by-side comparison of 24-70L and Zeiss 24mm prime. 5D really needed every sharpness it could get.

So my lust for the A7R has cooled down a little bit, at least until I see some real lens test. Besides, 16MP gos a long way, actually.

But yes, Sony did fill a huge gap in the market with those cameras.

P.S.  But as a whole system, the E-M1 is much better. It pretty much has everything you could need. Even G-M1 as a pocket backup...

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