The worst thing about the DF is the Disappointment

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Re: Nikon's demise???? What are you talking about?

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You do realise it is only a camera i.e. a consumer product? I can't understand why people polarise into two factions having childish arguments. Why?

Fanboys are as much to blame for Nikon's demise, as Nikon execs are.

Nikon's demise? Nikon and Canon are the two top selling camera companies in the world so I'm not sure what demise are you talking about.

Look at the Nikon financials lately?

And that proves what? Nikon and Canon are the two top DSLR systems in the world. Period. But the market is shifting and both companies will have to adapt.

You think the V1 and J1 were right decisions? Not sure, but judging by your fanboy fanaticism I bet you supported that all the way.

Nope. And I think Canon blew it with the G15 and G16 as well as the hilarious rebadging of the T4i as the T5i. But guess what? Nikon and Canon's failures are quantifiably rare and all of the cameras we don't like are still very good. All have their fans.

The Df is for Diehard fanboys like you. It's a classic con job for poseurs complete with unnecessary non-functional dials and lens to match. If you can't see that, you're blind. And Nikon is counting on people like you to keep them in business.

If the Df truly has the same IQ as the D4, and the AF works as well or better than the D610, you're the only blind person here. The price will settle down and Nikon has to plan for that, which is one of the reasons for the initially high price. They also know a LOT of people will look at this as a perfect 2nd body. 100% right. Why would I ever choose a D800 or D610 for a second body when the Df actually expands the capabilities of my D800 kit?

If you can answer that sensibly go right ahead. But it's hard to take you seriously when your gear list proves you don't even own an FX camera. Get back to us when you've shot any event with D800 and D4; then we can talk.

Yes, fanboys and poseurs are responsible for Nikon's demise. They cater to your tastes which ends up dragging them to the bottom.

After I sold my D700 I bought a D800. That led to me selling my 5DII. I expected a camera to come about with a 15 MP FX sensor and a much smaller body, something better suited to event work. It didn't have to be a "kitchen sink" of top tech. The D600 was NOT that camera. It was nothing more than a poor man's D800, though I did like the smaller size.

Nikon surprised me by putting the D4 sensor into a camera selling for less than half the price. Because few people here own the D4 and D800 we only occasionally hear about the D4 IQ strengths, superior work flow and so on. Amateurs think the D4 is only about speed. But if you SEE what the D4 sensor does vs. D800 sensor at high ISO you will instantly "get it." Amazingly clean, even above 6400 with little PP needed, small files, fast work-flow with a lot of files. I'm not talking about NOISE, but color and DR. The sensor does it all more easily than a D800. At lower ISO my D800 is a beast and and like gold.

Not surprisingly you (and many others) don't really know about this. You stare at DXO charts and think "that's that." But there's much more to it when you actually shoot with these cameras.

The Df has the flagship D4 sensor in the smallest Nikon DSLR going. Likely YOU don't need or want one. I'd suggest a D800 first as I think the Df is a superior pick as a 2nd body. It fills a niche and Marike6 understands this. Calling him "fanboy" is not proving anything more than your lack of photographic knowledge.



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