D610 vs. 5D Mark III

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Re: D610 vs. 5D Mark III

"well Ron, it is hard to discuss facts with people who haven't seen the difference between a Canon sensor with 11 stops DR and a Nikon with 14 stops, it is even harder to explain that with a Nikon you can keep high lights intact due the exposing and later adjust the motive / picture in Raw or PS.

With a Canon you have less choices because of inferior DR, you have to cut either in the shadows or in the high lights"

Yes indeed.

"well take a look than in a contrasty motive where all high lights are intact and then in the shadows, there you find banding and noise in comparison with Sonys sensor in the lower levels"

And yes indeed again.

In the sample I attached, if you go much higher in exposure, the islands disappear. Believe me - this is shot from my house, and I have photographed them many, many times.

*So in this case you have a choice: either clip the islands, or keep them from blowing and pull the shadows...(or use artificial light which I did not have time for in this instance.) And at times like these, the added 3 stops D.R. really comes through. (I have had the D610 for a little over a week now, and have been looking at several thousand files I have shot thus far.)

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