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Re: K3 >> K5 according to IR image comparometer @ ISO 100

7100,k7 ir the same smearing details I was seeing. Don

Roland Karlsson wrote:

JNR wrote:

Roland Karlsson wrote:

Rod McD wrote:

It's interesting to have a look at different sensors on the IR comparator tool -

The K3 is MUCH better at ISO 100 than K5. I really wonder if the difference can be that large?

Keep in mind this IR tool takes JPEGs directly from the camera presumably using the default setting. As such it isn't really comparing sensors directly. Take care, as well, to ensure that the focus points the same as IR is not terribly consistent in that regard. I don't have a preference between the two cameras (owning neither), but too much can get read into the IR comparisons.

Yeah. It is not easy to make consistent test shots.

I know that DPReview have produced some comparison test images that has to be avoided if you want to know what he camera can do. It is maybe a good idea to look at some other of the K5 sibblings, in particular the one without AA filter. And also look at some other ISO values.

Note though - that, for this comparison, I am not interested in high ISO performance. I am trying to evaluate the maximal performance, which you do not get at high ISO.

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