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Re: Not again, what?

Chris G Hughes wrote:

Wow. You guys and gals are hilarious. I made one comment, mainly for the same of humor, the gist of which was that we here in the states are CHILDREN and look what you've turned it into! YES, I know what the assumption I made was. YES, I knew I was making it when I made it. YES, I made it for comic effect. NO, it was not intended as an insult or to suggest that 'postrophe 'merica is better than anywhere else or that I genuinely think that the only people posting here are from the US or any of the other foolish things that many of you have spent pages and pages blathering about. So, after pointing out the amazing and delicious irony of the cluster F resulting from my comment, which was itself a reaction to an incredible cluster F going on over the Df, here is a revised statement that's sure to satisfy you children... And then set off an even larger cluster F no doubt:

I'm amazed at how infantilized the WHOLE WORLD has become.

Better now? Are we all feeling better? Shall we all hold hands? United Colors of Beneton style in our new found unity over being called CHILDREN by some anonymous guy on the Internet?


Ouch. Speaking of wars, this is how they start.

How about trying humility and sincerity instead (?) It usually tends to be a lot more effective. Instead of being the 'tough guy' and make disparaging and belittling comments as part the explanation, why not just say "hey folks, sorry if I sounded like I was being geocentric, I actually didn't mean it that way at all." (?)

Humility can be stronger than bellicosity, and it's not about the "United Colors of Benetton." It's not easy to practice modesty and humility (I need to exercise it more myself, too), and it takes a lot more strength than most 'tough guys' can muster. But in the end it makes for a much more pleasant and mature atmosphere. It's also more positive and productive. We all need to work on it no matter where we come from.......

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