D610 vs. 5D Mark III

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Re: D610 vs. 5D Mark III

qianp2k wrote:

SushiEater wrote:

I would definitely bought D600 instead of this stupid 5d3 if it had CF card instead of SD card.

If you shoot mainly BIF, sports, airshow, motorsports and wildlife you will not think this way. 5DIII AF is superior than D600/D610 AF in tracking. 5DIII has deeper buffer and most importantly cleaning buffer much faster with 1000x CF card that is critical in action shots. BTW why you still keep your "stupid" 5DIII? As a matter of fact, you're the only person bashes 5D3 down to stupid level from what I have heard.

It would save me $1500 for more lenses.

C'mon. Let's talking street price. You can get $3K 5D3 everywhere daily now. So certainly is not $1500 price difference. Nevertheless they are cameras at different levels. 5DIII better AF, build quality and handling/griping alone already put it in higher league than D610/D600.

I had so many problems and lost so many SD cards that it is not even funny. Plus even the fastest SD cards somehow slow in the camera and slow in the outside devices.

Personally I never have issues in SD cards either as never with CF cards. SD is slower compared to CF card that is true.

BTW, DXO got it all wrong probably because they don't have access to lenses as much as Lens Rentals. D600 and especially D800 outresolve 5D3 even with lesser lenses.

Yeah, including DXO DR test is 'wrong' too, lol. From where you concluded D600 outresolves 5D3 with lesser lenses?

There was an article posted here on this site but somehow DPR decided to remove it probably because a lot of Canon fanboys were upset.

I read it's between D800E and 5D3, not with D600/D610. 36mp with excellent Tamron zoom outresolves 5D3 with Canon zoom is understandable. Even DXO shows almost tied in p-mpix that is perceptual sharpness not absolute resolution, related but not the same. Two tests don't conflict each other. I doubt 2 mp difference will let D610/D600 with lesser lenses outresolves 5D3 with better lenses.

http://www.lensrentals.com/blog/2013/01/a-24-70mm-system-comparison show D800 outresolve 5D3 even though 5D3 was using the best Canon lens and D800 was using Tamron which is even below Nikon 24-70G in resolution but not by much. I trust Lens Rentals much more than DXO.

Personally I trust DXO more (not suggest Roger is not good). They tested in different ways but you trying to compare apple to orange.

Congrats on D610.

Agreed, good luck to OP.

i'm nikon guy and get great results with my nikons..and all other cameras.that 5d3 is a really nice camera to shoot with.above poster is correct in af speed overall performance and build quality advantages of 5d3 over d600/610 AND  canon 6d. image quality amongs the current ff cameras are pretty much equal.happy shooting

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