The worst thing about the DF is the Disappointment

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Re: Nikon's demise???? What are you talking about?

marike6 wrote:

raztec wrote:

You do realise it is only a camera i.e. a consumer product? I can't understand why people polarise into two factions having childish arguments. Why?

Fanboys are as much to blame for Nikon's demise, as Nikon execs are.

Nikon's demise? Nikon and Canon are the two top selling camera companies in the world so I'm not sure what demise are you talking about.

Look at the Nikon financials lately?

You think the V1 and J1 were right decisions? Not sure, but judging by your fanboy fanaticism I bet you supported that all the way.

The Df is for Diehard fanboys like you. It's a classic con job for poseurs complete with unnecessary non-functional dials and lens to match. If you can't see that, you're blind. And Nikon is counting on people like you to keep them in business.

Yes, fanboys and poseurs are responsible for Nikon's demise. They cater to your tastes which ends up dragging them to the bottom.

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