To watermark or not to watermark?

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Re: Example of removal

Richard wrote:

Clueless Wanderer wrote:

I've just had a look at iStock's water marking and they have an outlined (grey outter, lighter inner) form of text. Would doing it that way make it harder for software? As it is having to deal with two layers of lightness, rather than just one.

Example of removal below using the program from softorbits. The program had a hard time with the above type of removal. I will say though, the picture of the sillouete wheat grain in front of a bright yellow out of focus bokeh ball. (the third picture in my first example) is such a simple picture, ANY photomark would be easily removed from a simple picture like that. Complex pictures like the one above with a difficult to remove watermark easily overcomes the program from soft orbits. But Softorbits program works ok on some sections of the sky and the water. Simple repeating areas like the sky or water the program or a photoshop person will easily be able to remove. The program also does batch jobs.

What I find sad is there are websites and programs that are dedicated to help people remove watermarks for what I would assume is illegal use.

Thanks for the examples and also for explaining the '3rd picture' without posting the results and im in total agreement of the wrongness of software developed to rip off an artists work.
A while back someone on here posted something like "I respect the photographer and all, but what software can I use to remove water marks from my sisters wedding photograph's" and yes, It was his only posting. He had signed up to the forum to learn how to rip off a photographer.
I was impressed how the whole forum got behind the wrongness of it all and gave him hassle for it. Except one. He told him the name of the software.. WTF! So i hit up the member who named the software with a sour PM I hope others did too..

Im having a real tussle right now with tasteful watermarks v's difficult to remove ones. :-/

Yes the example above has turned out a mess, but man the kind of water mark you gave it, Im surprised the software got it this far :-o
I know its not the best solution, but right now I'm erring on the watermark style of istock as it looks classy enough and also do that colour change thing with it. B+W's may not respond so well though..

Have you heard of digimark?

Whats your thoughts?

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