"I am selling my Nikon gear"

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Re: Because they are not you?

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I have read this on many occasions. Most recently on FR main page.

I don't get it.

Unless you are strapped for cash and REALLY can only afford to keep one system, why would you give up all the opportunities lost by shooting a mirrorless camera only?

While I find myself more and more grabbing the Fuji, there are still situations that it comes no where near my D800e.

But these "opportunities" don't interest everyone.

In short, if someone sold all their Nikon kit for an Xe1, its because the Xe1 did everything THEY needed to do with a camera. Simple.

I agree. I think many are able to replace their FF Canon DSLR with a Fuji APS-C X camera because they never needed a FF weather sealed DSLR in the first place. Two years ago, a Rebel probably would have done everything they needed and it would have been smaller/lighter. Now they can trade their FF for something much cooler than a Rebel.

If all you shoot mostly static images or do street photography primarily, then the X-E1 could certainly replace a DSLR, provided that the EVF is something that is you can work with.

Personally I like to shoot a variety of subjects, and quite honestly my X-E1 is not the best for fast moving subjects and AF tracking. And I can work with an EVF, but I don't love it the way I do a proper 100% Pentaprism VF.

And the flash system with a Canon or Nikon is are also pretty sophisticated. I don't know enough yet about Fuji's flash system, but Canikon has tons of different models, wireless triggering, etc.

So I would never sell my DSLR. I need the resolution, I enjoy the no nonsense robust AF system, the feel of the grip, the IQ, and the huge selection of lenses from a $200 50 f/1.8G to high grade pro level zooms like the 70-200 f/2.8.

Weight is almost never an issue for me. Besides nothing worthwhile was ever easy. I remember I used to go to the Brooklyn Bridge with my tripod and Mamiya RB67. After that beast, the weight of a little old DSLR is nothing.

Like I said, it's all down to personal preference. What you do does not affect me in any way whatsoever.

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