EM1 better than Sony A7(as a System)?

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David Kieltyka
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For what purpose?

What is the ultimate purpose of your photos? If prints then what's the maximum size you typically print at?

I print no larger than 15x20" or 14x21"...sometimes 15x40" or so on roll paper, but those are stitched panos. All of my interchangeable lens cameras are more than up to this task. In most cases the only difference I can see between a Pentax 645D print and an E-M5 print, both 15x20", is in the color/tonal rendition. Even then neither is better per se, just different. In photos with lots of fine detail the Pentax will make a crisper print, but this is noticeable only if you compare 'em side by side at close range. At normal viewing distances you can't see it.

I make it a point not to buy into the promiseof a new camera system. I waited with m43 until the lens lineup had filled out and Oly & Pany had both released mature cameras. I waited with the Pentax until the price dropped.    Sony's A7r intrigues me on a few different levels, but IMO the lens lineup just isn't there yet. I'll wait 'til it is (if it ever is), then take a closer look.

Now if electronic display is your "final destination" then any system from the better compacts on up will do the job. Pick one with features, lenses & handling you like and have at it.


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