Do we still need a TC?

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Re: Do we still need a TC?

Anastigmat wrote:

awaldram wrote:

Anastigmat wrote:

This is an easy subject with bright illumination and high contrast subject. Try photographing a red tailed hawk sitting in a tree in the shade, with the same combination of lens and teleconverter and report to us the results. BTW, why do you use ISO 100? Only a beginner would do that sort of thing, unless of course your camera is so nosiy at high ISO settings that you dare not use ISO 400 or above.

At this point the discussion is over, You've posted your colours .

Foolish comments and moving goal posts as you try and justify your incorrect statements are childish and sorry your on your own.

One more thing, 1/800 sec. should have frozen the action, so it couldn't have been camera shake. Perhaps the AF system was fooled into thinking the subject was in focus when it really wasn't. That is another reason not to use the combination of 2x teleconverter and f/5.6 lens. It is like fool's gold rather than the real thing.

You are obliviously very inexperienced in the subjects you talk about.

The camera is obviously in TV mode set at 1/800 wide open with floating ISO.

In addition hand-holding 1000mm on a boat tracking a bird is unlikely to be sharp at 1/800

I wasn’t out shooting birds, as being on a boat might have clued you up.!

A casual glance at the image is easy to see the blur is shake not focus for even the most moderate experienced photographer.

Therefore either your a complete NOOB about photography or your your being deliberately obstinate in the face of obvious facts.

1 you claim Pentax cameras can;t shoot f5.6 +2x

I show image f6.7 2x

2 you claim camera only focused due to light and couldn't shoot a hawk in flight

I show hawk in flight f6.7 2x

3 you claim due to bright weather and couldn’t shoot low contrast target

I post grey on grey f6.7 2x

4 you claim wouldn't work in coal cellar with black cat

I agree.!

Never the less your talking complete twaddle.

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