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When Nikon introduces a mirrorless that can take all my lenses...

The Nikon 1 takes all your lenses.

Not fully compatible.

It would be great to have a fully compatible adapter to fit DSLR lenses of a given brand to that brand's mirrorless bodies. But Sony has been doing it longer, and has four such adapters to choose from, and even the most expensive one, about $350, is still not fully compatible. It's also fairly heavy at 160g.

I don't understand why it's apparently so hard to make them fully compatible, but as long as they are not, using them is a compromise.

What do you mean fully compatible? Screw drive? Really old lenses (like the Df supports)?

At some point, you have to draw a line and say that the reason you went to mirrorless was to get smaller size

What I'm reading by many posters on this thread and others is that the main reason to go to mirrorless is because (they say) EVF is better in every possible way than OVF, and that OVF is a dinosaur with absolutely zero relevance today. No advantage whatsoever, to any imaginable kind of shooting, to OVF, according to many.

so to realize the full benefit of the smaller size you have to go with a new mount that has a shorter flange distance and you have to leave out some things like a motor drive for old lenses. Otherwise, you just switched to mirrorless, but didn't gain one of the main benefits (which is smaller size) if you drag along all the compatibility baggage of the past with you and stay with the old mount.

It sounds like you're saying there's no point in using the adapter anyway; that what we really should do is throw out our DSLR lenses and start over with mirrorless system lenses?

What is a practical example of a Nikon lens that the Nikon 1 doesn't support (via the Nikon adapter) that it would make common sense for it to support?

Features not supported by the Nikon FT1 adapter (about $200) for using Nikon F-mount lenses on Nikon 1 mirrorless bodies:

  • No continuous AF. Compatible with AF-S only.
  • Not compatible with multi-point AF. Compatible only with single-point AF, using only the center point.
  • With high-speed continuous shooting, focus is locked with the first shot. I'm not clear on what frame rate does allow each shot to be separately focused; this may not really be an incompatibility.

I don't think I'm the only one who would feel significantly compromised by at least the first two. For those who don't care about continuous AF and also don't care about using an AF point other than the center point to focus on, yes the adapter is the bee's knees.


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