If I prefer to manually focus, should I still get the FE 55?

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Re: If I prefer to manually focus, should I still get the FE 55?

tn1krr wrote:

I pondered on whether or not to get the FE55 despite having a very good manual 50, the Zf.2 Makro Planar 50/2. After considering for a sec I decided to get the FE55 because

- it is similar effective Fl as my 35/1.8 and I use that lens quite a lot with AF for casual indoor shots

- I want to be able to test/use the Eye AF

- Zeiss badged Sonys are quite ok for MF, much nicer MF feel than the normal SEL lenses so MF experience should be decent too

- the FE55 is much smaller/lighter than a Makro Planar + adapter

Just curious, do you also have a smaller/lighter manual 50mm than the Makro Planar? eg, to what extent is the weight of that lens pushing you toward the FE55?

In other words, if you had a rangefinder that performed similarly to the Makro Planar, do you think you'd still want the FE55?

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