Eastern Slope Sierras Fall Colors - GH3. 11 imgs.

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Re: Makes me Home Sick

Roger wrote:


I was born and raised just south of that area. Spent most of my 20'sand 30's backpacking and living in my milk truck up there. I must have 3 or 4 thousand slice from those days. They were some of the best times in my life. I was down there in June of 2013 I just love the area. It makes for great photo's all year long. The fishing is good as well.

Nice work

Thanks for the walk do memory lane

Roger J.

Thank you, Roger. Although Louise and I have lived in the Monterey area for six years, plus two years in Oceanside in the 60's, we never got to the Owens Valley to appreciate it's beauty and grandeur - both its Sierra steep slopes to the west, and the western White Mtns. eastward.

We had a great week, much of it on rough dirt roads up the canyons. That 12 mile climb from the Bristlecone Pines Shulman Grove to the Patriarch Grove at 11,400' in the White Mtns. was the worst, though - particularly the return to Lone Pine after sunset on top!


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