New E-mount APS-C bodies will have DSLR shape, like A3000

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re: THREE distinct lines then...

EinsteinsGhost wrote:

it will only make the whole larger, but nothing will be gained

the only thing I recognize in A7 form which looks like being [partially] of N7's DNA is perhaps its grip. All the rest has the mark of RX-1 pedigree, plus rather unfortunate faux-pentaprism hump. I can recognize a dilemma they had to solve of how to fit EVF and FF sensor into as small form as possible, do for FF this is it and in all probability it is going to stay for further FF cameras' updates as well.

But... there is absolutely no reason to enforce the same form and esp. that ugly bulge also on the N7 mk-ii, which already shown that all components can be packed together into very much smaller & compact body. So... thank you, but I firmly prefer for it to stay that way.

In other words - for me the N7's form represents RF-like style, but A7's doesn't = in is NOT RF-like any longer, alas !!

SAR is a rumor site that posts guess work and bits of info from various sources.

How many of those various sources might be residing outside of the S's realm??NIL if you ask me. But even if there were any, their credibility is NIL as well - this is why you have there designations for grading their sources: from S0 to S5. But actually I do agree with the voices rised here saying that the SAR site is being very smartly and efficiently used by Sony to feed us only the tidbits they want us to hear and see... unofficially !!

And I doubt they will. The FF sensor necessitated that, but given how tightly Sony has packed NEX (and now A7) bodies, they seem to be very focused on making it a common design element and with 6/7 bodies being larger than 3/5 to begin with, they have the room. Now it is possible that Sony chooses to go the more compact route of 3/5 bodies then to put EVF, an A7 like hump will become necessary. We saw this in some old rangefinders too.

what is becoming increasingly more and more obvious:

  • there seem to be three groups of prospective users for slightly [or actually not so slightly - the outward differences are pretty significant] APS-C E-mount bodies,
  • each of them declaring different preferences, exactly like on these pics. above:
  • [a] keep the current N7-like form;
  • [b] give us a midget-DSLR;
  • or [c] we'd love that the new APS-C will be given A7-like shape = significantly bigger, but perhaps with a larger LCD and improved eye-relief optics for VF;

so the question is - not technically, as whatever would be possible to be tightly packed into the [a] should face no problems for redistribution of components into [b] or [c] - do they have the resources and logistics to deal with three distinct lines of APS-Cs??

And the political will to expand the market into diverging directions?? I think that logistics and marketing will be the key areas, but then I'm not a specialist


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