New E-mount APS-C bodies will have DSLR shape, like A3000

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Re: re: as the "old" Nex-7 amply attested the faux-pentaprim hump...

parallaxproblem wrote:

nevercat wrote:

and yet... it is a fact = the a3k is here, the Nex name is no more, and so far nothing in the RF-form... is even rumored

The only realy shoking, that I did not expect was the end of the Nex brand, but Sony said clearly that the Nex was rebranded, so I see no problem there.

When Kentucky Fried Chicken rebranded themselves to KFC did they just mumble "our restaurants will be called KFC from now on" and leave it at that?

No, they launched an enormous, international media and television campaign to explain to their customers that the change did not mean that the stores were going to change in any way

Well this is totaly BS. Rebranding a store chain is much different then dropping a name given to a range of cameras.

Nobody expects a TV campaign from Sony, but all of their current Emount customers (except those who bought the VG or A3000 cameras) bought into NEX and deserve a brief confirmation of what that rebranding the system they bought-into actually means in practice

Well in fact they told you a whole lot:

they told you that the nex range was rebranded to Alpha, a name even my Nex 5 had from the beginning. Look close at the word rebranded, they did not say Nex is dead, they said Nex is rebranded.... So from that word alone you can see Sony is not dropping the Nex range.

And now we have one... SAR have told us that 'sources' (ie. Sony as only they could know, unless SAR are lying or very stupid) say that more A3000 like E-mount cameras will be launched next year

Buteven you can become a SAR source when you want. When you are right one or two times, you become relyable....

So unless you think Sony will release more than one (they said cameraS) big DSLR body APS-C emount camera and an RF body (ie. at least three new APS-C bodies along with the A3000 next year) it means no more rangefinder bodies for APS-C

Andhere you lose me! So Sony is releasing more DSLR lookalike cameras next year, how does that tells you that there will be no more RF syled cameras anymore? SAR also told that there will be more FF cameras (yes the said cameras, so more then one) next year, does that imply there will be no more APS cameras? All thes hysteria is completly over the top. Lets enjoy our beatifull cameras, lets tell Sony we like the RF styled cameras and we will see what Next year will bring. Personaly I think we will see at least two RF styled cameras, the successors of the Nex 5t and the Nex 6...

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