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Re: X-Trans for commercial work

sure, here goes. The below instructions are for Windows users (it's easily adaptable to Mac though)

step 1. obtain a copy of Dcraw version 9.19 or later. It has dramatically improved xtrans demosaicing algorithm. In my case I found a copy of Dcraw 9.19 compiled for 64bit WIndows (yes I can share it, if anyone wants, it's released under GNU)

step 2. Because dcraw is a command-line application you have to make some arrangements for the ease of use: ie. like this - make a folder on your C: drive, call it dcraw, place your dcraw executable in that folder, rename it dcraw.exe

step 3. create a text (notepad) file named "dcraw.bat" and place it on your desktop. Copy and paste the following 3 lines into that batch file and save it.

@echo off
c:\dcraw\dcraw -v -w -W -o 2 +M -q 3 -6 -T %1

step 4. Usually I preview my raw files in Adobe Bridge. If I need to process a file, I drag and drop it from Bridge onto a Dcraw.bat file icon (which I kept on my desktop). About 20 seconds later a processed file will appear in your Bridge window. It'll be dark and lacking contrast, but that does not matter - it is 16 bit tiff file and and it can take a lot of abuse and corrections (besides any raw processor does that under the hood anyway).

step 5. In Adobe Bridge, I right-click on the processed file and select "open in Camera Raw"

step 6. Once in ACR, you can color-correct your image to your liking. I typically do the following:
exposure +1.15, contrast +25, other parameters as needed.

Because dcraw does not apply any sharpening, noise reduction or lens corrections, you might want to check Detail and Lens Correction tabs and adjust accordingly. I usually put Sharpening amount at 30, and Color Noise Reduction to 7 and leave the rest be. You can fix any color fringing and/or lens distortion under Lens Corrections tab.

Note: In certain scenes blues might come out looking a bit on a cyan side. You can correct the hue of your blues in Camera Calibration tab.

hope this helps!

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