New E-mount APS-C bodies will have DSLR shape, like A3000

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well, I am hoping for an A5 with an APS-C sensor in a A7 sized body... much thinner than the a3000 body. neither necessary for a RF-like APS-C E-mount body (both APS-C sensor and EVF can be easily fitted into the small N7 body, and no humps are necessary), nor desirable:

it will only make the whole larger, but nothing will be gained

Which is why I find these ideas about Sony not continuing with RF form as being wild imaginations of a few much less with the frequency we see threads created on the subject.

Do you have any evidence that they will continue the APS-C RF form? It would be nice at this point in the discussion. Do you have any insight into when the long-overdue NEX-7 rangefinder update model, under any name, will finally be introduced? (Even SAR has given up on that one.) Are are you just taking Sony on faith that whatever they do or don't do, it will always be a happy outcome. Are you a BELIEVER?

Look at A7. It combines NEX-7 form with RX1 w/EVF. If you believe Sony were now going for DSLR form, you would see something like A7000 instead.

the only thing I recognize in A7 form which looks like being [partially] of N7's DNA is perhaps its grip. All the rest has the mark of RX-1 pedigree, plus rather unfortunate faux-pentaprism hump. I can recognize a dilemma they had to solve of how to fit EVF and FF sensor into as small form as possible, do for FF this is it and in all probability it is going to stay for further FF cameras' updates as well.

The for of the A7 is very much driven by functionality. The larger EVF, larger LCD and the larger sensor, all asked for by Nex user, reviewers and potentional buyers, makes no room for the EVF to be placed at the same side as in the Nex 7 without creating a much wider camera. S o the EVF was placed at the top in a n elegant way (better then what Nikon did in their 1 series camera with buildin EVF.

Thereis a possability that Sony will come with a Nex 7 successor that will have the large LCD and EVF as the A7, then the formfactor has to be the same as the A7. There is also a change that Sony will keep the formfactor of the Nex 7 and keep the smaller LCD and EVF, in both cases there will be people happy and there will be people dissapointed...

So maybe  Sony wants to make both groups happy and sell cameras in both styles...

SAR is a rumor site that posts guess work and bits of info from various sources.

How many of those various sources might be residing outside of the S's realm??NIL if you ask me. But even if there were any, their credibility is NIL as well - this is why you have there designations for grading their sources: from S0 to S5. But actually I do agree with the voices rised here saying that the SAR site is being very smartly and efficiently used by Sony to feed us only the tidbits they want us to hear and see... unofficially !!

Given how often the sources have been wrong, I think many are outside the Sony realm. Yes maybe Sony uses SAR for leaks, but these leaks are given only a few days befor the announcement.


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