Mirrorless vs DSLR

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Re: Mirrorless vs DSLR

stevo23 wrote:

gear1box wrote:

So the real question in play is will mirrorless take over in those sensor sizes. For FF i sorta doubt it, but that comports with my view of FF's market role. it will never again be mass market; it is

Again? Was it ever truly mass market? Do you mean in the film days?

Ummm, yes Steve, i was referring to the film era.

The price sensitive APS/DX market will go that way it seems to me; all those entry level inter-changeable lens cameras in costco will be mirrorless soon i suspect.

They might, but a reverse consideration would be this - why would the Costco crowd care? If cost is low enough and they get what they want, I'm not sure the DX world will care. The camera lines are already minted and tooled up and would be very cheap to make.

Indeed, you and i agree, they don't care and it is all a matter of price.  SLRs have the advantage now since -- as you say -- the fixed, non-recurring, costs of their manufacturing infrastructure is paid for and they can be price on a more-or-less marginal cost basis.  This, however, is a transitory advantage and the vastly lower part count of the mirrorless designs will create a compelling cost advantage.

just how fast this will occur depends on a number of factors but, as i indicated, i lean toward thinking that it will be sooner rather than later.  Certainly in other areas of consumer electronics (and that is what photography is now, sigh) changes like this happen in just a few years once the handwriting is on the wall.  No firm wishes to be left holding a heavy stock of obsolete items.

And, just to be clear, i am on the  SLR side of things for my personal use.

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