Mirrorless vs DSLR

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Re: The same tiresome hype of mirrorless

I have the latest EVR used in M4/3 Olympus cameras, its over 2mp and a very large display.

I wear glasses and have always wanted my OVF to be at least as good as on  my old Nikon F3HP.

I can tell you that the Olympus VF-4 EVR has not just a sharp bright vf, but you can through it into magnifier mode something you cannot do easily with a OVF, you need to ad a magnifier VF accessory.

Also, the latest VF-4 has a much faster screen refresh rate so while panning there is little or no lag or smearing.  I am sure Nikon can even improve on there EVR in the future.

My usage of the EVR indoors in low light or outdoors at night the EVR is much easier to see details than any OVF I have ever used.

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