Mirrorless vs DSLR

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Re: Mirrorless vs DSLR

When Nikon introduces a mirrorless that can take all my lenses...

A mirrorless means no reciprocating mirror ala DSLR.  Take away the mirror box and you have a different flange distance.   This means its no longer an F mount.

Nikon will need to offer an electronic and mechanical adapter to pass the mechanical couplings from the old AIS lenses and electrical info from the rest of the present lenses to the new mirrorless body.

So the promise of a much smaller FF Nikon that mirrorless promises to be will only take place when new lenses for the new mount are available.  Sounds like the situation Sony is in with the A7 a small camera body FF camera with a good sensor, but an empty bag without a system of lenses.

I hope Nikon is working on lenses because Nikon needs to have smaller lenses to balance well with the smaller body.

I wonder how much a sophisticated mechanical/electrical bridge adapter would cost $400 ?

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