Do we still need a TC?

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Re: Do we still need a TC?

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If your lens is f/5.6, a 2x teleconverter requires manual focusing, Unless you focus correctly, you won't get a sharp image.

Only if you own a Canon, a Pentax will Auto focus an f5.6 + 2x converter with ease.

Really? A Pentax will perform phase-detect auto focus with a lens whose widest aperture is F11? I didn't know that. How fast is it?

Actually things have changed... It used to be (K10D to K-5) F8 with ease, F9 with little issue and F10 was pushing your luck, F10.7 only in the most extreme cases. When the K-5IIs came out F9 started to become a lot more difficult to focus... I don't think the K-3 has been fully tested for this yet.

K3 , 50-500 f6.7 + 2x converter

F 13.4 = no issue

Nothings changed as far as I can see maybe you need better quality converter ?

Sorry about subject matter but it's dark out and hand holding 1000mm Auto focusing indoors take some light.

Confirmed... i tried focus trap at F11 with one and 2 1.4x TC's on mirror lenses and it does focus trap! Sorry i don't have a 2x TC or a lens that is slow that would accept both 1.4x TC's as the one is the Sigma with protruding element. I bet Ron could do a heck of a lot more testing

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