The worst thing about the DF is the Disappointment

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Re: Repeating nonsense doesnt make it true

raztec wrote:

You do realise it is only a camera i.e. a consumer product? I can't understand why people polarise into two factions having childish arguments. Why?

It seems extremely silly I agree. However, you have to understand that there are a lot of people who have invested heavily in Nikon glass who are let down again and again and again by Nikon's marketing department.

But the marketing department is only responding to fanboys who have more money than taste or discretion. So, it's these fanboys who chase mpx and useless knobs to mask their insecurity that create this market which allows Nikon to put less than their best foot forward.

But we know Nikon can do better, like the D300 or the D700 (except for the 95% viewfinder). But what they hell are they doing putting a 39 pt AF that covers such a small area in the D600, or dropping the AF button? etc. etc.

Fanboys are as much to blame for Nikon's demise, as Nikon execs are. Those who have heavily invested in Nikon glass are justifiably irate.


Really? I have a significant investment in Nikon lenses, and I don't squeal like a spoilt child who has not received the Christmas present he wanted. In fact I marvel at the quality of modern cameras. The D600 is incredible. Yes I would like other products, but hey, the presents on the Nikon tree ain't too shabby.

Incidentally, I remember when Nikon really was doing badly, with nothing to match many of Canon's lenses and cameras. No tilt shift. Limited AFS. Limited VR. Weak (in terms of high ISO) bodies. No FF.

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