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Re: Not again, what?

ragspix wrote:

Leif Goodwin wrote:

Hulamike wrote:

Says the man whose country is ruled by a medieval queen.

Actually she is only a figurehead with ceremonial duties and no real power.

All Britain did was pass the mantle to the United States. I just wish we could dish it off to someone else, maybe China. Let them police the world for a change.

The conceit of Americans that they police the world is no more than a cover for naked self interest. It is an absurd distortion of reality.

True, the alternative is we could try to come in and take over the country like western Europe used to do - UK included

You happily support oppressive regimes when it suits you. You only entered WW2 when Germany and Japan declared war on you,

True, there were a lot of US "isolationists" who didn't want to get involved

and would have been happy to see Britain and Europe fall to the Nazis.

that's fugging untrue as I recall - I was there ...

Actually American many politicians wanted to engage in the war, but the public were against it, preferring to carry on their own peaceful lives. If you recall, Britain declared war on Germany to defend Europe, something your country was not willing to do until its hand was forced. Even then, many British people wanted to leave mainland Europe to the Nazis.

And in the meantime the American economy was booming selling weapons to us.

US had gas rationing food was in very short supply (the economy was not booming) and Americans sent sons to die on a foreign soil (I lost my godfather) using money invested in war bonds by my parents and others, you fugging ingrate...

I won't resort to your level of personal abuse.

Manufacturing industry was doing well. America entered the way only when two countries declared war on her.

We were no better of course, invading Africa under the pretext that Africans were not civilised enough to look after themselves.

It had nothing to do with civilized, it was exploiting their resources.

I thought that was obvious hence I did not state it explicitly. They argued that they were bringing God and education to them, but they were of course stealing their wealth, even though many were very decent well meaning people.

After '45 the colonizing nations had guilty feelings and freed their colonies and part of the payment was relaxed immigration towards the colonized - who now are large minorities in western Europe.

Sadly not, Britain was so weakened by the war effort that it could not realistically hold on to its territories. In fact the process of decolonisation was already in train before WW2 due to a weakening of the power of Britain. Thus India declared independence, and sadly huge numbers of people died in the ensuing partition. That said, Indians I have spoken to have mixed feelings about Britain. They recognise good aspects of the British administration, whilst acknowledging the many wrongs.

One side effect is that many Indians are educated in English, and many of those now work in software, which has been offshored from America to India, thanks in part to the language skills of the staff.

However, you cannot realistically condemn Europe for its often bloody Imperialism when your country involved what often amounted to a genocide against its indigeneous culture. And of course America in the latter half of the twentieth century onwards has often acted against the democratic will in many countries. Whilst I could mention the positive intervention of America to prevent atrocities by Serbia, I could also mention the slaughter in Iraq.

Some of these minorities as you know have changed the cultures in some areas and have taken political control.

I'm not sure what that means. It sounds vaguely racist. I grew up in a town with many East African Asians, who contribute to this country, and rightly have a say in the democratic process.

Hmmm...... chickens coming home to roost?

It will be China's turn next to exercise power.

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Yup, you pushed my hot button

It is better to think without red mist.


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Warning: this forum may contain nuts.

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