D610 vs. 5D Mark III

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Re: D610 vs. 5D Mark III

ron purdy wrote:

I can not post the RAW. It is to be published, and thus is off limits. That is why I cropped it.

Like I said, using ACR, all I did was increase exposure by 0.3 stops, and use the shadow slider (and no, I did not jack it all the way up to 100%.)

This is simply a high DR situation situation which the Canons handle very poorly.

Most of my Canon shots are fine and can be used without issue, but some end up like this. And this is obviously the same issue that the 5D II had, and the same issue which is well documented all over the web.

re caspianm's question: It's an image from the 5D3.

Yes its obvious what the issue is and its the same issue as the 7D or 5DMKII and to a lesser extent the 5DMKIII. The 6D is the first Canon camera that does not grate on me like that...granted it does not have a bottomless pit of DR like the Sony Exmors, but it has *enough* and it does *not* band. It gets uglier quicker than the Sony but it never *bands* which is the #1 characteristic that is subjectively grating on the eyes.

The 6D's DR I would say for most applications is good enough and absolutely workable, the Sony Exmor DR is *so* good however that you can't even take advantage of it with sliders without things getting out of whack and at that point you should work with layers.

So in summary -

Most Canon - pretty bad shadows and banding, limited use of exposure push and shadow pull without brushing all the time.

6D - first Canon that has just enough DR to eek by to the point that it is extremely usable in LR's tone curve adjustments for both exposure push and shadow pulls.

Sony Exmor - Go beyond what is needed for LR's tone adjustments to the point that you need to do layer mask to take 100% advantage of its terrific DR.

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