Nikon DF, Why is the price so high?

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"most" will vary according to the user

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Hello, I'm the very happy owner of a Nikon D600 and have no plans of buying a new camera. However, the Nikon DF did catch My eye. I love the retro styling. Why is the price of this camera so high? Its sensor has lower resolution than the D600, it has no video capability, and no built in flash. Why would someone pay several hundred dollars more than a D600/610 and get less capability? I suppose it all due to the styling? Am I missing something?

I think Nikon can be excused for thinking that there will be enough people out there who will love the physical controls (I love them) and not mind the size and weight (I do) and agree that the price is pretty good considering you are getting most of what makes a D4, for a much lower price.

Your getting the sensor from the D4 not the speed, build and definitely not the AF and metering. So how is that most of the D4

I just hope these are not the same people in Nikon's marketing team, who were responsible for the appalling choice of price points (way too high) on the "1". The "1" had its quirks, starting with horrible ergonomics on the early models, but it also had its qualities - it probably would have been a much more successful product if only Nikon had not priced it on par with mid-range DSLRs...

- same sensor.  For me this defines "most" of the camera.

- different metering.  OK.  But the metering on the Df is that from the D610, and I'm not hearing people complaining daily about it.  So, not the Df but already very good.

- different AF.  OK, the Df recycles that from the D610, itself recycled from the D7000.  But again, I haven't read a review that said that either the D7000 or the D600/D610 couldn't AF.  So yeah, simpler but already very competent.

- same image processing engine

- same viewfinder

- slower continuous shooting.  But frankly if I want to capture action I can film it with my iPhone, and for the rest 5fps is more than enough for most users most of the time

- simpler build - but 710 gram body weight vs 1180, which is nice when you carry the camera all day

- much much superior controls with physical dials.  Physical dials allow you to (1) change settings w/o needing to turn the camera on nor looking at a top LCD not to mention the VF, and (2) read what settings have been set again w/o needing to turn the camera on nor look at the top LCD not to mention the VF.

So methinks the Df is really quite close to the D4, and actually superior to it in the convenience and controls department.  All this for HALF the body price.  Pretty good.

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