Permit needed for personal photos on location?

Started Nov 11, 2013 | Questions thread
DenWil Veteran Member • Posts: 3,154
Tomorrow is today...

A reflector is all that is needed at a National park to rally the rangers - holidays notwithstanding.

Off camera electrics / light modifiers  are a red flag to officials that cannot be un-waved  or explained away.  If you would be using  professional level accessories you will be deemed a professional. A permit will be expected.

Find a location  that will suffice without  external lighting or modifiers. We all do it.

Out testing  without a paycheck or an employer and with just  my camera  in hand I have been approached with a request to see my shooting permit.   I can't imagine if I used electrics. No sympathy is appropriate  -there is a good side - I  get  a pass in many circumstances that  folks with other  cameras are turned away. Old school continues to yield advantages.

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