20MP vs. 20MP - comparing my 6D vs. 70D:

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Re: Caerolle...

You guys are funny, lol.

First, I was not trying to start some 'who has the best superpower' argument, just participating in the discussion with some experience I had just had that day.

Second, I mostly took some shots just to see if I could even gets picks without shaking the camera and getting 'smear'. That is why I took a couple of the stickers. In the past, I always seem to flinch or something when I take pics with a dSLR. So this was not some detailed test by someone who considers themselves an expert trying to prove anything, just someone who loves photography gushing over some very subjective experience.  

I did take some pics of some plants with different colored leaves and contrasting textures with the 6D, but not with my Fuji. And those looked incredible, the colors looked sooo deep, and transitions sooo smooth. Looked more like a print on my computer than a digital image, to me at least. I didn't post these (or even keep them), as after I saw the shots came out good, I was just comparing between the two cameras.

I did have some shots of florist van (there is a flower shop next door to the camera shop), and again, the colors and overall image quality looked amazing with the 6D. However, the shots from my Fuji were so much later and the light so different, that I felt they weren't comparable, so I didn't include them.

Next, I was amazed at the extra detail in the Fuji shots. I could see scratches and scuffs in the paint that didn't show up much in the 6D shots. However, as I think I stated, the Fuji shows didn't look as good to me as the Canon shots overall. Detail isn't everything.

One other thing I saw, was the the 6D images seemed to stand up to far more zooming than the Fuji pics until I say degradation. Nice!

Finally, I do apologize if I ruffled anyone's feathers. I wasn't trying to bash Canon, the 6D, full frame, Fuji, anything. I was just discussing the process I am going through in thinking of getting a 6D in addition to my X-E1.  

Oh, and before you start snorting and pawing the ground, I am girl, and really don't care about winning an argument.  

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