The worst thing about the DF is the Disappointment

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Nikon's demise???? What are you talking about?

raztec wrote:

You do realise it is only a camera i.e. a consumer product? I can't understand why people polarise into two factions having childish arguments. Why?

Fanboys are as much to blame for Nikon's demise, as Nikon execs are.

Nikon's demise? Nikon and Canon are the two top selling camera companies in the world so I'm not sure what demise are you talking about.

Those who have heavily invested in Nikon glass are justifiably irate.

Irate at what? That Nikon now has 4 or 5 excellent APS-C DSLRs including the class leading D7100 and 4 superb FF DSLRs priced at $1995 and up? That Nikon created a digital version of a classic Nikon manual camera but also gave it full compatibility with AF Nikkors? No offense, but what are you even talking about?

You have been conspicuously slamming the Df, calling it things like "a joke", "a fake" and "the last gasp of a dying company".

You don't even appear to shoot FF, but you have been going out of your way to criticize a camera that you haven't tried and have no intention of buying.

And after all this vitriol directed at Nikon as a company and the Df, you want to come onto Nikon FX forum talking about "fanboys are to blame for Nikon's demise". What on earth are you even talking about?

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