GH3 and GX-7 owners

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Advent1sam Senior Member • Posts: 3,806
Re:GX7 faster than GH3 and probably overall fastest m43 yet.

Fredrik Glckner wrote:

I haven't compared them head to head, but I would guess that the GH3 has somewhat more processing power, and hence, may be able to focus a bit faster. But the difference is probably minor.

The GH3 significantly improves upon the GH2 in this respect. I would say that the GH3 was the first M4/3 camera to focus sufficiently well during video recording. Here is a head to head comparison between them which illustrates that:

Fredrik, checkout ephotozine results, the GX7 is faster than the GH3

and about the same as the em-5 and em-1, the real benefit to the GX7 though is it is faster and will be better than the Oly's in low light.

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