New E-mount APS-C bodies will have DSLR shape, like A3000

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Re: New E-mount APS-C bodies will have DSLR shape, like A3000

Mel Snyder wrote:

captura wrote:

I still give the odds at 60/40 that Sony will pull an APS-C rangefinder out of their hat next year. I sure hope so but even the SAR guy isn't so optimistic, anymore.

Enough hate on this forum over this issue; maybe time to let it go.

Hi Mel

So you also think an A5000 and maybe an A7000 are a much more likely APS-C E-mount releases than an A5 now?

You're right, friend. Let it go. Our rangefinder-shaped cameras will work for at least a decade.

This guy's didn't:

Of course it's an exception and even the best equipment suffers from failures, but these objects are consumer devices and are not designed for 10 year lifespans, any more than modern mobile phones are

If Sony keeps the NEX line going in any configuration, we will see new APS-C lenses for decades

That is very unlikely

With the introduction of FF to the E-mount range it is clear that in the 'medium term' APS-C sensors will be replaced with FF ones across the whole E-mount range. I don't know if 'medium term' means 2 years, or 10 years (if there is no NEX-7 replacement then it will be closer to the former, if there is one then APS-C may last for a while longer)

However new even if new APS-C lenses are released the bodies may need new firmwares to use them... The PZ16-50 will not work properly (distortion correction) on the NEX-3 & 5 even though it was introduced only one year after those models were discontinued. The PDAF supported lenses needed firmware updates for compatibility with the new AF communications protocols there is nothing to say that future lens AF protocol enhancements will simply not be compatible with older models. New lenses will have distortion profiles which will not exist in the current firmwares

Sony could quite easily release new lenses that will not work on current NEX bodies and not issue updated NEX firmwares if they want to encourage users to upgrade to their new body format (The Minolta DSLR bodies are not compatible with any of the pre-digital flashes, even though they share the same mount - this was a deliberate 'forced upgrade' policy by Minolta)

In the case of distortion correction I guess you could shoot in RAW and use DXO but would it be worth it?

- and if we get lucky, in 3 years, we'll see used NEX-7s going for their current new price due to demand from the aficionados.

Will you really want them at that point: the NEX-7 will be a 5-6 year old design then. I like my 5 year old A900 but it is rather 'long in the tooth' now and it is only because Sony had a hiatus in the development of FF for a few years that prevents it feeling absurdly obsolete

I'm currently trying to fiddle around with my KM7D - a fantastic and very advanced camera at launch but 8 years later it is rather embarassing how dated it now feels...

My 35mm f1.4 Summilux now goes for 8x what I paid for it slightly used in 1983. My Canon FD 85mm f1.2L goes in 2013 dollars about exactly what I paid for it in 1989. Highly appreciated gear appreciates.

Can you imagine a Sony Zeiss 24/1.8 or a 16-70/4 or even a 12/.28 Touit commanding such sums in 2043?

You can't compare equipment from that generation. Each of the items you mention can be serviced and maintained and each has distinct optical characteristics and nostalgia value which maintain their desirablity. The latest lenses are basically sealed units and it is more-or-less impossible to service or adjust them, all that can be done is to replace the internal sealed optical units with new items, otherwise they are as diposable as a two generation-old iPhone with a dead battery (the analogy is picked carefully here)

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