Switch from E620 system to m43

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Switch from E620 system to m43

Hi to all

I wanted to get some other views on this, having done a fair amount of research now.

I have been using Olympus for quite a while now (maybe 8 years or so), having started with an E500 and kit lenses. A few years ago I bought a discounted E620 and gifted the E500 with its original kit mid-zoom. I have acquired a number of bits and pieces since then:

FL-36R - I don't use this as much as I thought I would although it is obviously useful and much nicer than the built in flash. I tend to use max usable ISO i(800, pushing up to 1600 at a pinch) instead with no flash or along with the built in flash if necessary. This is partly because of the bulk of the FL36 and partly because I don't have much skill with it (I do use the head to bounce the flash but otherwise always leave settings as "automatic". Also usually there are kids running around and so it is a pain to wait for the recharge.

14-54 mk 1 - I use this 95% of the time and find it to be great (sometimes not quite wide enough)

11-22 - It is great but I hardly use it and often leave at home because of the weight.

40-150 mk1 - This is the original kit lense from the E500. I have always liked the results and will take it as an outdoor longer lense. I also bought the newer, smaller version and will often pocket that instead when on a day out due to the size (the older one is nicer though - sharper and more colourful to my eyes)

70-300 - I bought this for wildlife (trips to the zoo with the kids etc)  and also for close up as a cheap macro substitute. I actually enjoy the close aspect better. I found that it can be pretty soft other than a very narrow aperture range up to about 250mm (even carefully held with IS on).

Most of the use is on family outings with the kids or indoors at parties/social gatherings etc. Sometimes I will take photos for my own interest (but time for that is limited with a young family). We also have one of the good small P&S cameras, which is very handy and does video too - a  Canon S110.

Anyway, the main bugbears with the e620 are:

- sometimes poor/slow focus lock in low light with the 14-54

- noise above ISO 800 (certainly ISO 1600)

- the auto WB also isn't great and sometimes I feel that the camera underexposes

- minor gripes are the grip (I have battery grip but a biit bulky), no HDMI and wifi would be nice.

Because of the image issues, I have taken to using RAW and basic adjustment in Lightroom 4 but this is time consuming and so often just doesn't happen (and then noone get the pics...).

I have seen the EM1 and it looks goods (the better SLR bodies are too big - e.g. E30/E5). It looks like it would deal with most of these issues although it is obviously a step up in the range v the E620.

I was thinking of either :

(1) selling the E620 and 70-300 to covers some of the cost (assuming I could raise something like £400 for those?). Now I see that an  adapter is required for the 14-54 and that the AF results are a bit mixed with this  - am wondering whether it makes sense to instead

(2) sell 14-54 and 11-22 as well and put this towards the new 12-40 m43 lense (I guess these old lenses might be worth £500 or so?)

So the minimum 'cost to change' is something like £500  for option 1 (goodbye E620 and 70-300) and the max 'cost to change' is more like £850 for option 2 (basically selliing everything except the 40-150s which I would use with a cheap adapter for outdoor tele - like on the  E-620).

At this point, I have basically, traded up all my old gear (other than two cheap tele lenses and flash). It has occurred to me that I might as well sell those as well (maybe another £250) and avail myself of the deals I see on the EM5:

(3) There is an offer for this with two kit lenses (14-42/40-150) for £719. I know this camera will not focus the older lenses anyway. If I can sell all of my old gear for c. £2,100, a third option would be to buy into the EM5 and get the 12-40 as a 14-54 substitute to use with the kit tele. Cost to change c. £400 - and move to an all m43 system (although with older body).

On the first option I lose the 150-300mm but gain a third more pixels so more scope for cropping

On the second option, I lose wide angle (11-33mm) as well, which is a shame

On the third option, I lose only the 11mm length and the 150mm-300mm (but again more scope for cropping.

Other option would be to wait 18 months+ for the EM1 to drop i price I guess. My instinct is option 3 but I would be interested to hear from others (particularly those who have already made a change like this.



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