If I prefer to manually focus, should I still get the FE 55?

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Re: If I prefer to manually focus, should I still get the FE 55?

turnstyle wrote:

djp58 wrote:

Most of my 50+ legacy lenses were acquired after my NEX system (started with NEX3 three years ago, now have NEX7 and will get A7R next month). I bought into the NEX system primarily to use my Contax G lenses (these and 2 Minolta A-mount were my only legacy lenses at the time). Since buying my NEX 7 two years ago, I've found that I love shooting true MF. Have recently bought several lenses in anticipation of the new FF cameras.

Thanks! So does that mean you mostly consider yourself "system agnostic"?

eg, you might vaguely prefer to get a new lens that matches an adapter you already have, but that's a relatively minor factor?

I've also wondered if it makes sense to focus on Canon lenses, to get the benefits of the smart Metabones adapter.

Definitely "system agnostic!"  Most adapters are relatively inexpensive (with exception of "smart" adapters -I only own one, the DEO TechArt for Contax G), so can experiment.  I've got lenses from many different systems; have found that I prefer Olympus OM for WA to Normal primes, Nikon F (pre-AF) for Normal and macro, and Canon FL/FD for longer lenses.  I've also got Minolta MC/MD, Sony A-mount, Sony E-mount, c-mount,  Konica AR, and have even used my Hasselblad lenses.

I've got the A7R pre-ordered and debated whether to get a lens with it.  I finally decided on the 35mm f2.8 since it suites me better (I wanted something light to take hiking and do landscapes).  Will probably pick up the 70-200 f4 when it's available.  From everything I've read, the 55mm should be a fantastic lens - I just don't need it at this time.

sticking with one "smart" adapter might make sense - I didn't have that option when I started, and now have too many older legacy lenses that I like.  I did consider picking up the Metabones for Canon along with one of there stabilized longer zooms (70-200), but am glad I waited since I think I will prefer the native 70-200G.


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