New E-mount APS-C bodies will have DSLR shape, like A3000

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Re: re: as the "old" Nex-7 amply attested the faux-pentaprim hump...

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well, I am hoping for an A5 with an APS-C sensor in a A7 sized body... much thinner than the a3000 body. neither necessary for a RF-like APS-C E-mount body (both APS-C sensor and EVF can be easily fitted into the small N7 body, and no humps are necessary), nor desirable:

Well the forfactor of the A7(r) is there for a reason. Look closely at the back of the camera and you will notice that the used LCD is much larger then the one in the Nex x cameras, the same goes for the EVF, larger qand better optics, making it impossible to put the EVF in the same place as in the Nex 6/7. So when Sony makes a nex 6/7 in the A7 body it will have a nice large LCD and high quality EVF. I think you can say that the form of A7(r) is very functional...

it will only make the whole larger, but nothing will be gained


Which is why I find these ideas about Sony not continuing with RF form as being wild imaginations of a few much less with the frequency we see threads created on the subject.

well, few months ago - if you'd tell us that S. are going to release an ugly monstrosity, full of empty space filled with air but containing exactly the same components as N3, with perhaps some tiny improvements here and there but also compromising some other components - in the form of a3k, than in all probability everyone would paint you as a stark raving-mad lunatic

Tha A3000 makes perfectly sense, as does the form of the A7(r) (See above) but the A3000 is only logical when Sony continues with the small RF styled cameras. I see no evidence that Sony will stop producing the Nex styled cameras. I always thought that Sony was way behind with a DSLR styled camera (no I don't like the A3000, but it is not as bad as some make it look)

and yet... it is a fact = the a3k is here, the Nex name is no more, and so far nothing in the RF-form... is even rumored

The only realy shoking, that I did not expect was the end of the Nex brand, but Sony said clearly that the Nex was rebranded, so I see no problem there.

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