New E-mount APS-C bodies will have DSLR shape, like A3000

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Re: re: as the "old" Nex-7 amply attested the faux-pentaprim hump...

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GXRuser wrote:

well, I am hoping for an A5 with an APS-C sensor in a A7 sized body... much thinner than the a3000 body. neither necessary for a RF-like APS-C E-mount body (both APS-C sensor and EVF can be easily fitted into the small N7 body, and no humps are necessary), nor desirable:

it will only make the whole larger, but nothing will be gained


Which is why I find these ideas about Sony not continuing with RF form as being wild imaginations of a few much less with the frequency we see threads created on the subject.

well, few months ago - if you'd tell us that S. are going to release an ugly monstrosity, full of empty space filled with air but containing exactly the same components as N3, with perhaps some tiny improvements here and there but also compromising some other components - in the form of a3k, than in all probability everyone would paint you as a stark raving-mad lunatic

and yet... it is a fact = the a3k is here, the Nex name is no more, and so far nothing in the RF-form... is even rumored


It is an additional option, not a replacement for 3N. In fact it may be considered a replacement for A3x as A mount buyers moaned and groaned about A3x/A5x being too small and light for their personal taste. So how did Sony react? A57 gained size, and newer launches since A55 were bigger (see A65/77). But that left small form factor behind. That is where A3000 steps in.

Patience is a virtue. NEX replacements will continue the theme. Even when Sony needed a larger body for the full frame, they stuck with the form that combines RX1 and NEX-7.

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