If I prefer to manually focus, should I still get the FE 55?

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Re: If I prefer to manually focus, should I still get the FE 55?

Mel Snyder wrote:

If you're planning to use it for macro work, I'd suggest skipping the AF. I have the 55mm f2.8 Micronikkor AF I inherited from my Dad, who used it MF on his F3HP. It's easier I find to manually focus it on my D7000, even though the focus ring is ridiculously small.

On the other hand, used as a prime in AF, it is stunning in sharpness.

I would, in any case, purchase the kit lens. I am ***SO*** glad I ignored the negatives about the 16-50PZ when I bought my NEX-6. I bought it and basically ignored it for months, then began using it more often. A basic kit lens is handy to have in the bag for when you just want a walking-around lens and don't expect to submit any shots to National Geographic.

Thanks! Personally, I'm not tempted by the kit.

I'm one of those people who finds that having a fixed prime encourages me to think more. And I don't mind cropping, especially with such high res files.

I also really like having a fast lens, for all the reasons a fast lens is fun.

I would essentially us the 50-50mm prime as an everyday walkaround lens.

Thanks again (ps: I loved your photos of your new granddaughter, congrats!)

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