Mirrorless vs DSLR

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Re: Mirrorless vs DSLR

PK24X36NOW wrote:

as1mov wrote:


What is your opinion?

My opinion is that the linked article is a steaming pile of manure.

His "disadvantage" list for DSLRs is a joke, basically consisting of size/weight/"bulk" "issues," which aren't "issues" at all.

You're obviously massively clever, but unfortunately incapable of seeing beyond your own self.

Size and weight may not be an issue for you, but it most certainly is an issue for some users. When you do this for a living, have a damaged right shoulder and carry 4kg of camera gear all day long, then size and weight is most certainly an issue. It's not an issue for everyone, but it is for some.

There are other issues such as noise, which isn't a problem for most, but a lack of noise is most certainly an advantage for some.

And by the way, since when did all mirrorless cameras have EVFs?.

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