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Re: silly indeed...

psartman wrote:

OK, I'll bite. I'm a long-time pro, mostly working now in fine art but still doing an occasional select editorial job. I shot an extended magazine piece this summer with a new X-Pro1 system. The European magazine was happy with the work, published in a multi-paged spread. Trust me, photo editors and art directors are not remotely interested in pixel peeping.. Unless there's an obvious visible problem they are not going to be looking at the camera and processing information in the metadata. They look at and care about pictures, not pixels. They do care about the technical quality of the photographs, but it is the photographer's job to figure out the details of how to deliver that quality. I would not be using the Fuji X system if I did not think it was up to snuff for my uses.

Very true. I work professionally on both sides of the fence as a photographer and an art director. If the photo looks great, we run it. If it doesn't we don't. The issues that pixel peepers argue about day in and day out never even come up for discussion on the design side. As a photographer, I want to deliver the highest quality product possible and I'm definitely a pixel peeper on that front. As an art director I could care less about a little smudge or fringe that you can only see at 300%. If I'm delivering files directly to clients, they often like to see how good the fine details are. It's sort of like showing someone who is buying a Maserati how perfect the stitching on the seats are under a magnifying glass. It makes the client really feel like they are paying for a quality product, but in the end, it very rarely matters.

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