"I am selling my Nikon gear"

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When a fuji user buys a Nikon... (and still keeps his Fuji)

I can understand your decision. It's definitely a good decision, precisely because it's your decision. The way you feel about the whole experience of shooting with both systems.

The funny thing is that  I am is a big fan of Fuji... and still bought a FF Nikon last week ! Why ? I do realize the heavy Nikon won't offer me all the qualities I appreciate from the Fuji's for my kind of photography (mostly street): light, non intrusive, silent, simplicity, direct dials...

My favourite camera is still the X100. The last firmware made it even a lot better, both for AF and MF. When the X-Pro1 appeared, I rushed to the store. And didn't buy it. Can't explain. Had the feeling I could pass and wait for the next iteration. I'm a patient guy, and never buy a new camera just for the fun. Not until the old one has lost its secrets for me. Time passed, came the XE-1, then the XE-2. But still no X-Pro 2, the one I would probably buy. X100 is my 1st choice for 35 mm. But I want something good for shooting other focals (Note: I have access to a FF Canon at work).

Then came the opportunity. People keep on buying every single new generation of their camera's brand. And sell their gear. I was happy enough to find a guy selling his D700 for 750 euros, in pristine condition (only 5.000 clicks). He was also selling his FX lenses, most of them zooms I'm not interested in. But I bought him the N 85mm 1.8 G for 250 euros. Total: 1.000 euros. I added a 50 mm 1.8 G bought in the shop for less than 200 euros. No need for a 35 mm: the X100 is still there. I'd love a fast 24mm prime, but the Nikon is too expensive, so I'll wait for the future Sigma. Or not. This is a low risk decision: spent 1.200 euros for a great FF with 2 excellent primes. If it appears I'm not using it that much, or if I finally decide to get that X-Pro2 or whatever the name will be, It's still possible. I'll sell the Nikon kit, and I don't think I'll loose a lot of money.

The fact is that I enjoy the D700 a lot. Great camera, don't need anything more to take pictures (I'm not interested in video). But here's the funny thing. The X100 changed my perspective. The only lenses I bought or consider buying in the future for the D700 are all primes. And the good thing is that a D700 is of course heavy, but a lot less if you're only shooting with 2 or 3 prime lenses. The minimalism of the X100 will help my experience with the D700. And it will offer me plenty of time to consider choosing for a full Fuji equipment. For now, I enjoy both systems, and for a reasonable investment

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