X-Trans for commercial work

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Re: X-Trans for commercial work

hellocrowley wrote:

The artifacts are real, and probably inherent to the CFA design. However if you were a pro whose clients care about this level of quality, you'd have many other concerns with the X system. Most pros care about ruggedness, versatility, reliability, responsiveness, and perhaps sync speed, weather seal, etc.. all of which are either missing or inadequately addressed in the X cameras.

Lovegrove is a master and also a great businessman. I'd be shocked if he didn't have a contract with Fuji And he's still keeping his 5D2 + lenses.

It's just a camera and most pro's don't care about versatility, sync speed, weather sealing, etc... Reliability and ruggedness are both very important. Beyond anything else, your gear needs to work when you need it to and how you need it to. A lot of marketing hype pushes the idea that pro's need things like weather sealing, speed, versatility... and yes, a few select photographers need these things. If you're shooting sports, yes, you want something fast, rugged and weather sealed. If you're shooting product, food, architecture,... speed, ruggedness and weather sealing are of little importance. You can't exactly shoot with a Phase One in the rain, yet no one will argue that it's not "pro-camera" enough because it doesn't have enough weather sealing or isn't rugged enough.

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