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Re: Follow up on AF speed and delete button

Shawn67 wrote:

"if it has already got focus on the vertical contrast edge, half press the shutter release again does not cause the lens to try and focus again, the AF motor does not move at all. Haven't seen any camera does that, not even a DSLR."

My D700 does that assuming the camera hasn't moved.

How is the XE-2 on AF-C in the following situations:

On a stationary subject will it lock on and completely stop the AF motor? On the OMD the hunting on AF-C on a stationary subject always drove me crazy.

What about if the above subject turns... IOWs the distance not changing but the contrast changes. On the OMD that would cause it to completely loose focus and refocus, not so on my D700.



Ok, just tested this on my D3s.  Yes, it also doesn't move the AF motor when it detects a strong vertical contrast.  But if I repeatedly half press the shutter release button, sometimes it'll move the AF motor a tiny bit.  Now, looking at the X-E2, it also behaves the same way.

Now if I put the X-E2 on AF-C and half press the shutter, it'll lock on to the stationary subject and will not move the focus.  BUT, I hear a grinding noise from the lens' AF motor, as if an image stabilizer is turned on.  I think it is making micro adjustments, but for sure the lens does not hunt.  This is tested with XF23.

Finally, I pointed the X-E2 to a video on my computer screen.  In AF-C mode, it is acting like the last scenario, the AF motor grinds as it makes micro adjustments.  However, it doesn't hunt back and forth, only micro adjust until it finds the focus. But this process can take a bit time before it finds the focus again.

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