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Re: You might want to read some of the umpteen reviews of the GH3.

Corkcampbell wrote:

The GH3 is great, and if you can get one for what they recently went for at one shop ($799), it would be a great deal. Weathersealed, incredible battery life, best video available in this market, etc. - it's certainly more than a backup or second body.

My "second body" is a GH2, but I am watching for a good deal on another GH3.

I went from an GH2 to GH3 earlier this year and it is a very worthwhile upgrade even for a still-only shooter. And the price has come down: Appears to be just around $1000 vs. the $1300 I paid in March or so. Interestingly, the prices of the two f/2.8 zoom lenses seem to have increased since last Spring -- so I'm just as happy I already own them.

I had a GX7 on pre-order but canceled. My thinking was that the GH3 felt just right in my hands and that I really would use only one body (had a GX1 and never used it) and don't need IBIS since all my longer than 18mm lenses have OIS. At high ISOs the GX7 does better, but at 1600 my GH3 is fine -- and I very seldom shoot at ISOs even that high. I'm more likely to go for the EM-1 one of these days, since it has a usable grip and has received excellent reviews. But my earlier forays into Oly land have been painful, partly due to their menu system approach. So ... . Plus I've found no downsides in any of my uses to my GH3

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