New E-mount APS-C bodies will have DSLR shape, like A3000

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re: could you please expound a bit??

120 to 35 wrote:

jpr2 wrote: replace the so far reigning RF-like little bricks of [former] Nex'es, but I think they are in a teeny-weeny minority, at least if this little poll can be taken as measuring correct temperatures . As all indifferent and "don't care" will fall into that last category of 7%:

What is the camera you are hoping to see in February?

  • New FF A-mount - 40%, 2,658 Votes
  • New NEX-7 alike FF E-mount - 29%, 1,979 Votes
  • New APS-C A-mount - 22%, 1,510 Votes
  • NEX-7 upgrade - 22%, 1,480 Votes
  • New RX2 - 8%, 564 Votes
  • New APS-C E-mount compact camera - 7%, 493 Votes

Total Voters: 6,724

Is the overall 51% asking for N7 mk-II with either FF or APS-C sensor a result which will sway Sony in favor to keep the Nex-like form factor alive?

Perhaps not, but... WHAT ELSE can we do except voicing our concerns and hopes?!!

So, I think that anyone telling the OP to shut up and go away is not only uncivil and outright vulgar, but more importantly they're doing a gross disservice to their best interest and hopes !!


Opinion polls are always conducted on a sample of those involved. The poll is certainly not representative of new customers who do not own a Sony camera and do not visit a rumor site about Sony. It is representative of existing owners, especially those interested in new models.

I agree the existing fans of RF style cameras should make their views heard, repeatedly if necessary, in a positive way. I recall you have done this positively on a few occasions.

But when some of the posts look completely anti-Sony they are harming the "campaign" if there is one.

In recent weeks I have commented on some of those opinion threads with a more positive view about the prospects of E-mount cameras. Many others have done the same. But it seems negative posters are not really interested in other users opinions and repeat the harmful anti-Sony message whenever there is an opportunity.

So I no longer believe them when they say they are concerned about themselves and us as users.

in which way voicing these concerns can be seen as "negative"?

After all it is Sony decision makers & marketing who are committing a PR suicide by keeping mum,  while a single reassurance: "yes, we're going to continue with NEX-like form factor" (even if delivered in entirely off-hand manner in some interview or other) would suffice to appease all such fears


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