The worst thing about the DF is the Disappointment

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Why be disappointed before you even try it...

Kodachrome200 wrote:

Nope, I wrote my opinion once in organized and clear way and a bunch of you all DF apologists lost your minds and worte some immatue silly things to defend the honor of a camera you dont even own. I am not crying. I am just not buying this camera

But, no offense, you didn't write your opinion in an organized clear way as you are kind of all over the place. You wrote that you were hoping for a split prism screen but go on the write that the Df should "have had video and a 51 point AF system".

Is that a new type of 51-point Split Prism finder developed specially for this Nikon that you were hoping for?

And you wrote that "they should have made the camera just as small as was possible. this camera is not the smallest and lightest full frame dslr on the market. It should have been" without realizing that the Df actually is the smallest, lightest full frame DSLR on the market.

And most of your assumptions and negativity were conclusions that you came to BEFORE even shooting with the camera which is the most puzzling part about your diatribe. The fact is that very few if any reviewers have actually shot with a production Df at this time but some of the most well respected Nikon shooters like Bjorn Rorslett had overwhelmingly positive experiences within the Df. Yet for some reason you prefer to stick to this narrative of being disappointed to the point of almost being annoyed at the large number of Nikon users who don't share your "disappointment" in the Df.

I'm quite sure that if Nikon had made the Df a more niche, all-manual camera with a split prism and Center Weighted metering like the Leica M, far more people would be complaining that Nikon didn't provide support for their expensive AF-S Nikkors.

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